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It may sound like a relatively easy task but the blinds you install in your home will have a major effect on the overall décor so it is not something you should undertake lightly! If you would like to fit attractive window coverings in your property but you are not sure which type to go for, this article has been written with your particular needs in mind. In it, we are going to take a short, but hopefully useful, look at the two basic types of blind that are popular at the moment and discuss what type of homes they are most suited to.

High Quality Blinds for Vaughan Residents

As we are based in this part of the country, we are writing this article with local residents in mind. However, no matter where you happen to reside, we think you will find it to be of interest. We are going to skip the formal names and simply describe the different choices, to avoid any confusion.

  1. Horizontal Slats – The most common type of window blinds are those that are composed of numerous horizontal slats. For standard-sized windows in residential properties, these are normally the best choice. However, in addition to the basic style, you also need to consider the colour and materials from which your blinds in Vaughan will be made. They could be manufactured from:


  • Wood – Real wooden blinds look great in open, airy rooms but they can feel slightly claustrophobic, due to their substantial nature, in less generously-proportioned spaces.
  • Fabric – Fabric slats are a great choice for smaller areas and any type of décor where you are aiming for a light, soft feel.


  • Aluminum – Window coverings that are manufactured from metal may sound a little too utilitarian for residential properties but they can work surprisingly well when paired with contemporary interior design themes. As long as you avoid the standard-issue office grey, aluminum blinds could be an excellent choice for a modern home.
  • Vinyl / Plastic – Another good choice for contemporary homes, blinds made from vinyl or plastic also have the advantage of being very easy to maintain.


2.    Vertical Slats – The second main type of blinds in Vaughan that are commonly available, those with vertical slats tend to be a good choice for extra-wide windows. While you could always order custom-made horizontal blinds and use more than one for each window, vertical slats tend to work better, perhaps because they offer a less cluttered-looking solution. Whilst vertical slats can also be manufactured from a variety of different materials, they are more commonly made from fabric and the slats themselves are generally wider than the horizontal variety.

When it comes to colour, the topic becomes somewhat involved and we feel that the best way to deal with this particular choice is to call us and talk to one of our design professionals. As specialist manufacturers, sellers, and installers of high quality blinds in Vaughan, we are always delighted to talk to potential customers.